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Our Full Groom appointments are tailored to the individual and prices are based on a number of factors including (but not limited to) groom style, coat condition and behaviour (see our contract for full terms & conditions)

NOTE: Giant breed full groom & hand stripping is priced by the hour

Our wash & dry appointments include a thorough brush and comb through of the coat if required, ear clean & nail trim.

Brachycephalic breeds will also have wrinkles cleaned and treated. 

Each appointment is tailored to the individual and priced accordingly.

NOTE: No clipping or trimming of the coat is included in the price, if this service is required a fee will be added to cover extra work.

Maintenance Grooms are between scheduled groom tidy ups, and are based on schedule and full groom price. These consist of a wash & dry and tidy up of areas such as feet, sanitary, and face.

Handstripping is individually based on breed, size of dog and condition of coat and is charged by the hour, the price is inclusive of a wash & dry and nail trim if booked within 10 days of the stripping appointment.

NOTE: Please talk to a member of staff regarding requirements and pricing.


De-shedding, soothing or detoxifying mud baths offer therapeutic relief from dead skin, loose fur and daily build up of grime - promoting a healthy skin and coat. We use mud treatments that are expertly crafted using only natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

These treatments are an add on to a wash & dry service and are priced according to breed size. 

Nose balm - 100% natural ingredient treatment = £6.50

Paw balm - 100% natural ingredient treatment = £6.50

Facial - 100% natural ingredient treatment designed specifically for a more gentle but deep cleanse - especially good for those breeds who are flat faced or wrinkle bound = £10.00



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