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Using the Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic ​toothbrush and specialist toothpaste we aim to help keep your dogs' mouth as healthy as their coat. This toothbrush does not vibrate or make any sound, and no actual brushing takes place so it is great for any dog who is a little shy about having their teeth cleaned.

The toothbrush, when used with the specially formulated Ultrasonic toothpaste produces micro bubbles that can enter the smallest of gaps, helping to remove food particles and bacteria. The emission of air vibrations causes the tartar, plaque and scale to thin from the inside out, therefore making the layers easier to remove with a small dental pick.

Teeth cleaning appointments can be added to your regular grooming schedule. 

We do recommend that if there is sufficient build up of tartar and plaque, a course of treatment over 8-10wks is preferable. 

Please speak to a member of staff regarding this service or to book in for your free 15 minute consultation.


£20.00 per 30 mins when added to groom

£25.00 per 30 mins as a stand alone service

£32.50 - equipment (initial set up fee - includes first 30 min appoinment)

AS A COURSE OF TREATMENT - (booked & paid in advance)   

8wks = £180.00

10wks = £225.00


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